December 7, 2009

Reid goes beyond the pale!

Harry Reid's comments today equating those who oppose health care reform - THIS health care reform - to those who opposed the abolition of slavery, are beyond the pale.

The comments are despicable. The comments are irresponsible. The comments are barbaric. They are misrepresentations and they are offensive.

Harry Reid should resign. He has equated a truly despicable act to a reasonable political viewpoint. If I were an African American, I would be highly offended. I am highly offended anyway. I oppose the idea of slavery but also the idea of mandated government health care.

I bet there's a lot of people in the same camp as me. Harry Reid - YOU ARE GOING TOO FAST. I say that only because you are. To create a moral equivalence to slavery is sick and disgusting.

Senator Reid - RESIGN.

UPDATE:  You can see the video of Reid's foolish assertion here, courtesy of Spinsterpov.

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  1. It is absolutely revolting isn't it. To equate being regarded as an object and a possession; to be under the total control of another; to be able to be sold away from your family and children and to be able to be beated at the whim of anybody in the position of power over you -- to equate that with the requirement to pay your own heath care bills is absolutely dispicable. It made me physically ill when I heard it the first time.


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