December 9, 2009

COP15: I hate to agree with Pravda, but...

COP15 is the acronym being used for the Copehagen Climate Summit, or as I call it, The Grifters. Apparently the Russian news agency Pravda sees it my way. Great.

Pravda makes some simple but effective points about global warming alarmism. The point to be taken from the article is that Russia clearly is not on board with Cap and Trade and other silliness associated with unproven and dubious science.

Russia of course can't be too hard on the world's green parties - they still understand the Lenin idea of useful idiots, and the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So Pravda is willing to slap the "Carbon Theorists" at home while leaving them room for praise for the audience abroad.

The fact that Pravda is even entertaining the anti-climate-change argument though, is very telling. They place practicality above hype. Democrats in America could take a lesson.

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