December 23, 2009

Harkin symbolic of the problem with Democrats

Harkin, without coming out in favor of corruption, manages to intimate he's all for it.

In the video below, Senator Harkin manages to shrug off bribery, changing his stance on the public option, and a possible stance change on abortion all as a means to "compromise" to get the health care deal done.

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It's a pass-it-at-all-costs mentality that does not preclude corrupt means if necessary.

The problems with the zealot wing of the Democrat party are numerous, but in just one short news segment Senator Harkin shows he has no problem with bribery or by-passing his principles. Not surprisingly, he also comes across as arrogant. How else could you espouse those points and not feel the least bit vulnerable?

There's no question Democrats will suffer at the polls next November. This attitude will not help them.

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