December 22, 2009

RCP: Health Care Bill - Suicide, Yet Done Deal

Sean Trende's analyses are great reads. Last Saturday's The Health Care Bill Is Political Suicide and today's Don't Expect The House To Kill The Senate Bill are great examples of why he writes for them, RealClearPolitics, and I don't.

In the former, he makes a great case as to why the bill is political suicide despite what the Democrats are thinking it will do for them (either naively or delusionally). In the latter he explains while it is still likely to pass into law.

It's like watching a movie and knowing the outcome is going to be bad for those on screen. You can yell at the screen for the actors to change their path, but you know it won't help - they are doomed regardless of the turns of the story and whatever you manage to shout at them from the audience.

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