December 11, 2009

Can I help too?

I'm a Canadian citizen.  I live in Canada.  True, I'm American in spirit, but there's no paperwork for that. I'm conservative. I admire the Tea Parties and have supported their efforts and tried to do my part to encourage American conservatives to stand up and be counted beyond just election day. But if I wanted to do more, could I?

Aside from becoming an American citizen someday, and marching and voting myself, can I do more more immediately? My blog used to generate more traffic than it does now. Lately it can't seem to draw flies, although the visitors I do have, have become more responsive and a few have even added comments regularly.

But that doesn't leave me much room to have a conservative impact in the US elections in 2010. Of course I'm a foreigner, should I even be able to do so? Well, if certain Chinese donors can do so, apparently without any fallout, then it's only fair that I should be able to donate to conservative candidates in Senate or Congressional elections.

I'm pretty familiar with American politics, but not campaign finance - as a Canadian, can I donate? I would only do so if it were legally allowed.

I'm just asking.

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