December 21, 2009

Holiday Schedule, Death, Taxes, and now Health Care

My posting has been infrequent of late for a myriad of reasons - having computer problems at home, being extremely busy at work, having Christmas to prepare for, and then there's just being sullen over what I knew was inevitable in the Senate, that came to it's evil fruition last night - just like death and taxes.

Socialized health care is coming to America. You protested, you complained, you marched en masse and the Democrats, masters at protest themselves, hypocritically chose to ignore the American people. Democracy only seems to count if it's on their terms. It was a noble effort from the "mob", but it came up short. Did you honestly expect any different outcome? In reality as dumb as this legislation is, as dumb as the decisions were, this was representative democracy in action. Leaders are elected to lead. That involves making decisions, even if the decisions are unpopular. Unfortunately, that logic doesn't also apply to decisions that are stupid. It doesn't apply to decisions that are dishonest. It doesn't apply to decisions that are ultimately damaging to America.

Americans opposed to this have two possible courses of action remaining - armed insurrection (not a good idea), and the only tool they really can wield - voting. With this white elephant about to be foisted on a suspicious nation, 2010 now requires a Herculean effort because repealing this atrocious act will require a massive swing in Congressional and Senate representation. While Congress may be obtainable (though not a certainty by far), the Senate is not going to swing far enough to be able to make the change needed to reverse this.

A country that has allowed itself to be represented by Al Franken, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Roland Burris to name but a few, has foisted upon itself it's own eventual demise. Somewhere right now, Hugo Chavez is laughing himself to tears. You get what you vote for, America. Conservatives, furious over this no doubt, unfortunately share in the blame. Beaten into a sense of abandon because of the lefts unyielding and misrepresentative hatred of Bush, did not nearly enough to stop the 2008 elections from becoming the train wreck it did. There are no new worlds to move to at this time to start over. This was it, and you let it slip away. The point is that voting isn't really enough (though running gunfights in the streets clearly are a bit much). You need to do more. You. Personally.

Where are the petitions? Help me somebody. Where are the 10 million man marches? Where are the calls to news outlets demanding better coverage of politics? Where are the boycotts of anyone supporting these America-bankrupting ideas? Where are the work stoppages? Where are the sit-ins and the civil disobedience? If the left can do all this, why should conservatives sit at home and passively grumble? That's not the American spirit. Is it? Has it come to numbly laying down and letting yourself get steamrolled by a bunch of liberal bullies?

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