December 4, 2009

The Bush Equals Hitler Meme One Senator Doesn't Remember

Hot Air is reporting that Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, doesn't recall Bush ever being compared to Hitler. Senator? You don't recall?  Did you miss all of this? A Google search on 'Bush Hitler' comes up with 9.7 million links. Bing also finds 6.9 million links. Yahoo found 23.5 million linksSemiskimmed also has a great summary of much of the 'highlights' of the liberal left meme.  The point is that it's not an invisible issue.

So, Senator Whitehouse, you don't recall it?  From your comments, voters in Rhode Island, and observers across the country, ONLY one of the following three conclusions can be made;

A - You have forgotten because you are suffering from some sort of memory disorder.
B -  You are out of touch with the real world because you are completely insolated from news of the world.
C -  You are lying through your teeth.
Tell me, which of the above three explanations leaves you suited to elected office?

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