December 16, 2009

Sarah Palin to speak for Canadian hospital fundraiser

Sarah Palin will be in Canada, close to my home town for a cancer fundraiser for two hospitals. Ironically it's on April 15th, 2010 - tax day.  With the left all worked up over the fact that she will be speaking in support of hospitals that exist in a country of socialized medicine, and the eventual irony of her being out of the country on tax day, and given the left's hatred for her, it's no wonder it hasn't been a bigger derisive talking point - yet.
That's not the whole story though. No doubt Palin will pay her taxes unlike Daschle, several other Obama appointees, and the likes of Rangel, Democrats all. The tax issue should be a non-starter, although it's bound to get a little traction on the far left.

The bigger play for them is why she's talking in support of socialized hospitals. The fact is she isn't - she's talking in support of two cancer centers.
Palin will speak at a fundraiser for the Juravinski Cancer Centre and St. Peter's Hospital. Organizers hope to sell 1,000 tickets at $200 a plate, but raise more via photos with her.

No doubt there will be mad Canadian protesters, but on the other hand, the fundraiser will sell out far in advance.

[NOTE: I hate to openly ask for donations on my site, but there is a donation via PayPal section at the bottom of the main page on my blog. It might ensure someone's attendance at the event *hint, hint*. If I were to get a photo with Palin, I'd feel obligated to post it on my blog.]

Palin no doubt is getting a substantial fee for the engagement as well, but it's a win for the hospitals, and a win for those who want to see her as well. It's a three way win. But as an observation, if she's got a best selling book and she's engaging in speaking events and fundraisering for herself now, she should be able to compile quite a war chest by 2012. Don't expect her, whatever her intentions are by then, to follow the McCain financing model that put him at a huge disadvantage to President Obama by agreeing to federal matching funds.

I still say, despite how the condescending liberals paint her, she's quite shrewd. They're transfixed with the "okiedokie" style language, but they misunderestimate her, at their own peril. She's smarter than they want anyone to believe, she's smarter than they believe.

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