December 28, 2009

Environmental Doom? Blame Canada.

Liberals can't direct their Copenhagen failure anger at Obama - that would be unthinkable. What's a good progressive to do? Blame Canada.

It's the South Park way.

Yes, I'm Canadian. Yes I want to some day be an American. But right now I have to say I'm proud of my conservative Prime Minister for having the guts to play the boogeyman in the global warming comic tragedy.
At last year's climate summit, Canada was voted the Fossil of the Year—an award handed out by Climate Action Network International to the conference's most obstructive country. So far, Canada is on track for a repeat victory—in the daily "fossil" awards at Copenhagen, it has landed in the top three six times. George Monbiot recently wrote that Canada is now to climate as Japan is to whaling. And on Monday, Canada took the second to last place on the Climate Protection Index, a project ranking major polluters on their efforts to curb emissions. Only Saudi Arabia scored lower on the list.

In case you American liberals haven't heard - man made global warming is proving a hoax. Canadians are pretty happy with our conservative government, and by the way, our less knee-jerk reaction to the horrifyingly really, really bad recession has left us with a lower unemployment rate than your President has left you with - and a quicker path back to budget surpluses.

I'm just saying.

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