December 2, 2009

"It's the economy stupid"

All things flow from the economy.  Everything from education, to health care to the nation's ability to wage war.  The Democrats have deluded themselves into thinking that if only they could just pass the health care legislation people will love them.

Rasmussen proves otherwise:

You want to win elections?  It's the economy stupid!  Oh wait, it's also National security.  And immigration. Also taxes. Oh and Iraq too.  But that's it. Oh and ethics.  And health care...

Looking good Democrats! Thumbs up.


  1. But don't you realize that all of their new programs and ideas will fix everything in the economy, not just here, but across the whole world. And there will a utopia and peace on earth. The only caveat is that we will all have to bear their mark on our foreheads and worship their talking statue.


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