December 14, 2009

Open-ended commitment in Afghanistan?

Last night on 60 Minutes the President was asked why he even bothered to set a date for troop withdrawal if it's not truly a fixed date. President Obama's response was that it sends a message to Afghanistan to get it's act together because America's commitment is not open ended.

Disingenuous. It was a message for America's left to trust him that he still is an anti-war guy.

Why disingenuous? Because the reason he stated, while valid could have been delivered in private, with Afghan leadership, stating also it is being delivered in private because we don't want to tip our hand to the Taliban and Al Qaida.

The President is proving once again, that his lack of experience and partisanship-driven politics are a bad combination for America.


  1. Not to mention that publicly it sends the message to the Afghan people that we won't be there to help them if the Taliban comes back. Helps them weigh their decision of who to support.

  2. Very true - I think I've mentioned that in other posts but it pertinent here as well.


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