December 28, 2009

Baucus drunk? He'd better be.

Was Max Baucus on the Senate floor drunk? The video, despite the slurring is not conclusive, but certainly indicative. Either that, or he's just really, really tired. Sure. 

Here's the irony if the drunken  Baucus story is true; Bacchus was the Greek god of wine (known as Dionysus in Roman mythology).

Remember, this is the guy who nominated his girlfriend Melodee Hanes for a U.S. attorney poisition, and was connected with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, so maybe he's just drunk with power.

Here's the video of Baucus after a brief exchange with Senator McCain.

Contrast that with this video:

Yes, he still stumbles a bit, perhaps that's just his speaking style. But there seems to be a difference between the two videos. He sure seems a bit off in the first video. Drunk? Possibly, yes.  Or maybe he was so frustrated by the answer McCain gave him (which refutes his initial claim) that he went off script.  Maybe he's not that good off script.  Already progressives are claiming he wasn't drunk.  Really?  How are you so sure?  Is he just a stumbling, angry partisan jerk?  You can't say for sure he was or wasn't drunk, but if he wasn't drunk, it was an embarrassing performance nevertheless.

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