December 14, 2009

Google - Propoganda on Climate Change

I do not know how long the link has been on google's main page (Google Canada at least), but do not go to this link.  It's global warming propoganda at it's worst.  Now that I said that, I bet you'll go check it out.  If only there were some place to leave comments.  Oh, wait, there is - by contacting them directly.

I noticed the same link didn't exist in Google, Google UK, Google France or Google Germany. Apparently we Canadians are the test bed for global warming hysteria. Great - thanks a lot Google.

Google - I'd switch search engines if you didn't have a stranglehold on my blog, my ads, my web tracking, my gmail. Still, maybe it's time. It's not like you are going to banish my readership, since that I seem to have managed to do successfully on my own...

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