December 30, 2009

Coming Soon: Islamic Europe, Islamic America

This War on Terror thing isn't over just yet. Is a time of choosing multiculturalism or democracy coming to Europe? If so, how long before the same problem comes to the United States?

The problem with hiding your head in the sand and pretending the problem doesn't exist, doesn't make the problem go away. It's not an issue of denigrating or denying another religion - it's a matter of standing up for your own, and your own liberty.

Multiculturalism and it's inevitable offshoot of political correctness encourage further pushes towards extremes - not just with Islam but with any distinct group wanting to be recognized as a legitimate standalone culture. It's the same concept that applies to gay marriage, polygamy or any other distinct group that wants equal rights and equal protections.

That's a frightening video. But the issue is not an isolated group of growing radicals, the issue is a steady shift in the Muslim mainstream towards acceptance of radical ideas, or at least empathy towards them. Islam is becoming more tolerant of it's own radicals. It is not however becoming more tolerant of what it considers infidels - Christians, Jews, Buddhists or any other "non-believers".Put another way, if Islamic nations were as protective of Judeo-Christian rights in their own nations, then the argument could be made that we have not done enough in the West to accommodate Islamic people. Of course the truth is not exactly that.

In that context, listen again to this speech by President Obama to the Muslim world. He talks about the mistakes of the West, and of America. Many of the ears he's (excuse the pun) preaching to, are deaf to his "New Beginning". They see Islam as not only the dominant religion of the world, but as the only religion and the only rule of law. Jihad Watch posted about this issue back in 2004 in a post about the apparently no longer existent Faith Freedom International.

President Obama is playing right into their hands. We in the West are not the crusaders the Muslim extremists want to portray us as, if this notion of Islamic rule is true. If it's true the West, America in particular are in the familiar role of defenders of liberty and freedom.. I'm not advocating the same approach of many of those Islamic extremist who want to "nuke Denmark". What I'm saying is that there really is a War being waged by Terror and a war on Western ideas and beliefs. If you don't want to fight back or at least, the very least, stand up to it and defend your way of living and your beliefs, you will end up with what you deserve. Perhaps without even a shot fired:

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