December 10, 2009

Health Care Numbers - The Polls

That the health care bills keep inching closer to fiscal nightmare reality is very telling when you look at what the polls say about the public's disdain for the reform.

Rasmussen on Saturday had the Oppose camp at 51% and the Favor camp at 41% for the latest health care reform bill. But we all know they are conservative hacks right (by that, meaning their polling numbers always come closest to reality on election day). So what did other pollsters find?

Quinnipiac University can't be so partisan can they? They reported yesterday that voters oppose it by 52% and favor it by only 38%. There's a little bit of congruence for you. Still not convinced? Public Policy Polling (A Democratic pollster)has it as of yesterday 52% opposed and 39% in favor. Seemingly, there is a common finding, no?

So why are the Democrats forging ahead? Because they either (a) don't care, they want this done (b)they don't read the polls (HA!) or (c) they do care but think that passing the legislation will magically save their electoral chances in 2010 and beyond. The answer is clearly not option B. But whether it is A or C, it doesn't matter. The fact is the numbers don't scare the Democrats, or the right Democrats (Pelosi, Reid, Obama) enough to stop this trainwreck from happening. And that's the scary part. If the numbers were 80% opposed 15% in favor, I think the result would still be the same.

The Democrats are going to trick, twist, spin, and ram their way through this, leaving carnage for the Democrats in Congress, carnage for the anti-abortion crowd whom they used without remorse, carnage for the health and health insurance industries and carnage for the American economy. Outcome be damned - they will get this done. $300 million here, false conscience votes there, whatever it takes - it will get done. Which in the end I suppose is a good thing because this whole fiasco is going to make a lot of people sick.

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  1. By saying they were willing to loose seats in order to pass it they made it clear that they care not what the people think. They'll force a Dem to vote against his constiuency and lose his seat so that they can get 60 votes for something the public is increasingly against. Where is the representation when that is the case?


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