December 29, 2009

Janet Napolitano, otherwise unemployable

Talk about jobs saved or created - certainly the White House's continued employment of Janet Napolitano counts as one job definitely, though inexplicably, saved.
Janet Napolitano, throwing the entire Obama administration under the proverbial bus by saying everything worked as it was supposed to work during this crisis - apparently explaining away the lack of response from the President himself.

The problem is that the country wasn't buying it and the administration had to come back with the "systemic failure" talking points to prove that they are serious about threats to Americans. even if the President is in Hawaii.

The President's CYA response - blame the system, the agencies and the people.  In other words, throw someone else under the bus.  After all, it's all about nursing the approval rating through 2012, isn't it?

The real systemic failure is the employment of bad personnel in senior positions who think the important part of the job is to re-name terrorist acts 'man-caused disasters' instead of calling them what they are.  The real systemic failure is the new system that ignores the reality of the world and tries to paint rainbows on the enemies of freedom and democracy.  The real systemic failure is that even now, no reasonable recall mechanism exists for those in charge of national security.

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