May 15, 2011

Obama head fake on offshore drilling

According to the New York Times, President Obama is planning on opening up oil drilling off of Alalska and the Gulf Coast.  Except, as Drudge points out, that was what the NYT said about the Obama plan over a year ago. Why is it being recycled?  2012. It's an election ploy.  Don't fall for it.  President Obama would rather see big oil in America go the way of Standard Oil.

There are other layers of consideration in this too - deep water drilling versus near shore drilling. There have been issues with existing licenses that Obama has glossed over.  And what about onshore drilling? Is that still off the table?  If so, why?

This is a transparent effort to come up with the next bump for Obama - don't let it fool anyone.


  1. Dead On!! And let's not forget. His Anti-American socialist leaning EPA will block any new drilling anyway!


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