May 21, 2011

Hey, we're still uh, here...

Thank you Mr. Camping, for wasting our time.  You're 0 for 2 on Doomsday predictions.  That is unless...the world did end 23 minutes ago and we are all now in a new alternate reality that is exactly the same as the old one.


  1. Well, I got to wondering now that we're didn't go up in a puff of smoke what if anything there is I want with our second (or third or whatever) chance. Seeing as the chief dufus has pretty much ceded the Mid East to the radical Muslim fanatics and is leading the entire country down the path of ruin, the only thing I could come up with is that possibly I will in fact see a Cub's World Series win in my lifetime. Not much else to hope for the way we're being led by the nose to oblivion!

  2. Hey hold on there Joe. It's not like you can't turn around on that road to oblivion. There's only so much more damage Obama can do between now and 2012 when, with a concerted effort by all concerned, his re-election will be foiled.

    As for the Cubs, well, I hate to dash a man's hope.

  3. LOL! Of course one can turn around! The question is can one turn around what appears to be a brain dead electorate!

  4. Short answer - yes.

    The good news is that entire electorate is not brain dead. Catching all the breaks, Obama got 53% of the electorate. Short of some game changing event, that's his maximum. My guess at this early point is that he'll net out between 46.5% and 51.5% and more likely between 48% and 50.5%. But don't hold me to those numbers. The point is, you only need to sway 3% of the electorate to get him under 50% and some of those have already turned away from the dark side.


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