May 17, 2011

Inspirational Life

At about 9:30 Sunday night I got home from travelling on the weekend.  I was feeling a bit hungry so I went to a sub shop to get a sub.  The store was unsurprisingly empty late that late on Sunday, half an hour before the place closed.  The young man behind the counter I had spoken with before so we chatted while he made the sub.  His story is inspiring so I thought I'd share it.  I do however need to maintain his anonymity.

He is here from Afghanistan (I won't say exactly where).  His family is all back home, living under the threat of terrorism, and in fact have even been affected by it.  He came here alone, at the age 15 and has been attending a local high school and working late nights to support himself.  He has a scholarship to help make the payments.  His goal is to graduate high school and attend university.  Ultimately he wants to graduate university and get a job so he can bring his family here, out of the horror that is Afghanistan.  He's now 17 years old.  He's in what is a foreign country to him, without family support and trying to do everything he can to improve his life and his family's life.  That's courageous and commendable.

Even though it's not the norm for a take out sub shop, I gave him a tip.

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