May 25, 2011

Obama's Latest Cringe-worthy Moment

OOFAH!  Watching this train wreck,  I'm almost tempted to feel sorry for the President.  Almost.  Okay not at all.  This is a fun watch.

I love the guy who was staring daggers from behind Prince Phillip.  It's easier to see on the CBS youtube video, but the embedding has been disabled for that one.


  1. Let's see now. Embarrassment isn't the correct word here. Arrogance or stupidity come to mind. But from my little piece of the world all I see is idiotic "head up one's ass" asinine blindness to the real world.

    One should not however be the least bit surprised by this clown's complete lack of basic decorum when it comes to someone like the Queen. After all, she's just a Queen! Hardly a match for someone who considers himself the chosen one or a messiah of some kind (I know I sound like Hannity here, but in my opinion, the MSM and his own words and actions bring that sort of "devine arrogance" into the open).

  2. Ahem, I cannot disagree with your colorful rendition of "unaware of his surroundings". However, it's embarrassing for him too. Then again, only if he cares to be embarrassed. Maybe that's beneath him.

    After all, he has the superhuman ability to travel to all 57 states...

  3. Sorry about the descriptive adjectives (the one phrase I really like for the Nixon camp). LOL!

    It just amazes me how inept he seems to be. I guess I just expect more out of a leader than "All Me"

  4. No worries. I'm only moderating my own comments, not yours.

    And you have every right to expect more from your leader.

  5. Hee Hee Hee! As you know by now, I let it all out. LOL!


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