May 19, 2011

Nonsensible Announcement

With a headline like that anyone other than regular visitors can be forgiven for assuming I was talking about an Obama announcement on aid to Egypt. I'm not really.  It's not about him.  It's about me.

I have no specific date yet but Nonsensibleshoes will soon be moving to its own domain name. will be still be hosted with blogger - at least for now, but the url will exclude 'blogspot' because 18 or so characters is much better than 27 or so. I'm excited about the eventual move.

Of course this comes with a bunch of technical issues that years ago I would have been eager to tackle. That's not so true today. Instead of enjoying looking at code, I'm much more concerned about how it will affect my feed and SEO rankings. I'm concerned about how the blogger re-direct might work. That's not for technical reasons, it is because my focus is on doing my relatively small part to save America from its increasingly entitlement-mentality-driven road to ruin. I can't do that effectively if my small part reverts to minuscule.

That's the reason I have not yet fixed a date. That and the fact that testing the domain transfer yesterday went horribly awry and I quickly reverted to blogspot. The good news for me was that my super-secret test blog did successfully migrate after about 10 hours is ethereal non-existence.

Stay tuned for more updates. I intend on leaving no child behind. Wait, that didn't sound quite right...


  1. If you purchase the domain through Blogger's service, it is painless. Plus, it is cheap, too. You lose nothing.

  2. As with most Blog-related issues, I already purchased it elsewhere and missed out on the opportunity. The good news is it worked on my test blog with another url I purchased. The down side is down time. It was out of commission for about 10 hours. But the new site url and the re-direct both are working.

    The feedburner and other items I'm not sure will be as easy. Testing continues...

  3. By the way Paul, I actually thought about emailing you last night for some tips. But then I thought I didn't want to be a bother.


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