May 18, 2011

Two Word Opinions

I'm trying to work on a couple of longer posts right now.  Between those and being busy in my day job, posting has been a little slower than I like.  There's a bunch of things to post on that would be great to discuss if I had the time.  However, with the limited time available let me instead rattle off a bunch of  dismissive two word opinions about some topics that may (or may not) deserve longer than I've allocated.  Two words typically don't do a topic justice and are obviously oversimplified.  But they can be fun.

Arnold Schwarzenegger marital issues - Doesn't matter.

Oil prices below $100 - Temporary Dip.

Michelle Bachmann - Go girl.

Ron Paul - Can''t win

Newt Gingrich - Jumped shark.

Socialist IMF head in rape scandal - Scum bag.

Medvedev cold war talk - bring it.

Debt Ceiling - Debt CEILING!

Pakistan - play hardball.

Potatoes banned in schools? - Soma instead?

NLRB dictating to Boeing - Back off!


Disagreement is always welcome. Please remain civil. Vulgar or disrespectful comments towards anyone will be removed.

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