May 2, 2011

Some thoughts on Bin Laden's death

Just a few quick points on Bin Laden's death;
  • This is not a victory for Obama, this is a victory for the United States.  I suspect President Obama will try to take credit for this and will get a boost in the polls because of this, but the real heroes are the intelligence community and the team who successfully killed Bin Laden.
  • Why was Bin Laden buried at sea?  I know there's no point in a gruesome video and photo proof, and maybe there will be some evidence come out BUT this will have as many conspiracy theorists arise as both truthers and birthers.
  • What reaction will this cause in the Muslim world?
  • Why was Bin Laden hiding where he was? Apparently it is a town in Pakistan where a lot of high ranking former military officials living in the same town.  How does that happen?
  • The aggressive interrogation techniques used against Khalid Sheik Muhammad apparently helped play a part in the intel leading to the killing of Bin Laden
  • How will this be portrayed in Pakistan
  • This doesn't end anything.  Some Muslim portrayals of Bin Laden as a martyr will no doubt have repercussions down the road.

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  1. As radical Islam is in itself a hateful spiteful cult like religion (for want of better words), it must be assumed thins will keep going on as they are. Obama will continue to want to "play nice", his idiotic justice department will continue to file lawsuits like the one against Ohio ( I think that was the state. Sorry if I'm wrong) against the Anti-Shiria bill and so on and so on. while all this is going on here, a radical persuasion that has been preaching hate and death to not only Israelis, but any entity different from their own will continue on it's merry path of hate and destruction.

    They say you cut the head off a snake and the body dies, but in this case I;n afraid the hatred lays way to deep for that analogy to be true.


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