May 17, 2011

Mitt Romney 2008 vs. Mitt Romney 1986

Here's a relatively recent Mitt Romney clip from his run in 2008.

And here is his Coke commercial from 1986...

Is that the same guy, or am I wrong?

I know, I know I'm violating Reagan's 11th here. But this is mild. And besides, he does look a little and jerk his head a little bit like Max Headroom.  And it's not like I said he was a radical right wing social engineer or anything (mainly because he isn't.  Right wing that is).

Okay here's some due for Mitt.  He seems to be a fiscal conservative.  He'd be better marginally than O.  That's just not enough to make him my first, or fourth, choice.  If it came down to him and O, I'd pull for him but I wouldn't be all that happy about it.  That's all the faint praise I can muster.


  1. M-M-M-Mitt Rom-Romney
    Yeah, better than pResident Obeyme but... I really hope somebody I can get behind steps up.

  2. The plastic resemblance seems dead on to me. Mitt has that car salesman look - faux charm.

    I'm sure there will be an alternative who steps up. But they have to win a state or two early on to have a chance to compete. Mitt is lining up the right backing and will be hard to beat. Whoever takes him on will need early momentum.


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