May 14, 2011


Via Fox,
Mike Huckabee said Saturday there would be no sequel to his surprisingly strong 2008 White House bid, in which he won the Iowa Republican caucus and finished second in the primaries to Sen. John McCain. 
"All the factors say go, but my heart says no," Huckabee, who was considered the GOP frontrunner in several national polls, said on his Fox News Channel show.
I'm surprised. Really. I wasn't a Huckabee guy, despite thinking he is a good guy. Nevertheless, I'm surprised by this. My main concern is that it might be Mitt Romney who mosts benefits from this.

My conspiratorial side wonders if there's been a conversation between Huck and Sarah Palin - they both work at Fox - and one decided to stand aside for the other. Or even worse - what if that conversation took place between Mitt and Mike? Is it possible Huckabee was promised a VP slot?

This does shake up the race. The fallout has yet to be seen.


  1. Why would he give up the big paycheck for a bag of rotten tomatoes Obama would leave him if he won. No, he is smarter than people think he is. And a good self promoter to boot!

  2. Yeah, but somebody has to clean up those rotten tomatoes.


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