May 24, 2011

Who Is on the GOP B-Roll?

Not B-Roll
Rumor has it that Rudy Giuliani is considering a 2012 run (Fox News).  Other second tier candidates like George Pataki (Politico), Jeb Bush (Politico) and are seeing their names re-surface or being floated.  With some big and medium-level names like Huckabee, Trump, and Daniels opting out, there is some perceived room for others who might have previously been considered long shots for the 2012 nomination.  But how many of these names are serious, how many are trial balloons, and how many are wishful thinking or just plain crazy?

Time will tell.  It's certainly possible some of these people will jump in, believing there is some elbow room for a candidacy.  But isn't this just the B-Roll?  Giuliani was a fizzle in 2008 and really will have a hard time cutting out a big enough psychographic slice of the GOP primary voters to mount a serious challenge.  Jeb Bush carries a name that two years ago was toxic and wouldn't take much for the media to drag through the mud in 2012 and tarnish the third Bush before he even had a chance against President Obama.  I think most GOP voters, whether they like Jeb Bush or not, would be able to see that road before travelling down it.  Jeb Bush himself probably does as well.  When you have Politico trying to entice him into the race with a flattering article, you can see past the transparent motivation in the attempt.  George Pataki?  Does he have a shot at winning a single state?  Probably not.

I'm sure more names will arise, but the real name the press is holding its collective breath over is of course Sarah Palin.  The left clearly doesn't want her in the race and they seem content to allow the GOP establishment to do the dirty work of keeping her out.
Republicans officials have no idea what she’s planning, although they agree she would have tons to lose by entering a race that would cost her the mystique she has built up. And Romney advisers said her entry would help the former Massachusetts governor dramatically.

“The shock value would cause elected officials and party officials to rally around Mitt, because she’d scare the daylights out of them,” one official said. “And it would allow him to position himself very much in the middle of Republican, conservative thinking and avoid the fringe, and look more moderate for the general election.”

Bachmann would have the same effect, the advisers said. Either of them “gives Romney a bogeyman: ‘Stop this crazy woman.’”

Another top Republican said he relishes the idea of a Palin candidacy: “She’ll be defeated, and we’ll be done with her.”
Ah, I see. That nervousness speaks volumes.


  1. What a bunch of wimps I guess Sarah Palin really scares them. I guess now they realize that she is smarter then they thought I hope she goes for it.

  2. Too late for her to run except as an independent or if the Republicans have a brokered convention perhaps she can be nominated by a deal.


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