May 6, 2011

Thoughts on the Republican candidates debate

I'm a political junkie so you'd be pretty safe in assuming I'd be glued to Fox News' Republican candidates debate yesterday evening.  And I did watch it, for all of about 8 minutes.  But even I could not stay tuned.  It's not that I thought it was bad.  It's not that I thought the candidates were bad.  In fact these are some quality guys.  But for some reason it could not hold my attention.  By the time the local rerun of Big Bang Theory came on, I was long gone.  Perhaps it was too early in the election cycle, or maybe I just wasn't in the mood.  If I couldn't stick around to watch some good people who probably won't be the nominee debate each other, then I can't imagine there was a big audience for it.  So the debate was almost like an exhibition game where a number of the practice squad players and rookies were on display.

I have nothing major against any of those candidates, in fact at least one was someone I could see myself supporting.  But I just don't see it materializing for any of them, at least not yet.  In fact, the more I think about it the more it feels like the pre-season.

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