May 26, 2011

Yet more wild-eyed liberal hypocrisy

Debbie Wasserman Schulz, head of the democratic National Committee claimed that if it were up to the GOP, Americans would all be driving foreign cars.  Why?  Why on earth would she think Republicans want that?  Because they opposed the bailout?


First of all, the bailout did not include Ford.  Second of all it was about the correctness of the government choosing winners and losers.  That's not what the government is supposed to do.  The government is supposed to be a referee.  A guardian of the sandbox that businesses play in, and to some extent a rule maker.  As an arbiter of rules it's okay.  As an arbiter of winners and losers it's picking sides.  Referees don't do that.  Thirdly, the structure of the bailout was flawed - favoring unions of preferred creditors, likely in violation of the law.  Again, the government chose to decide who the winners and losers were in the restructuring.  

By the way Debbie Wasserman Schulz drives a Nissan Infinity for the record.  That's her choice, in a free market economy.  A free market by the way, is one where quality is rewarded and bad products and bad decisions are rewarded with - no customers and ultimately bankruptcy.  By interfering the government is driving national inefficiency.  That's ultimately a recipe for disaster.


  1. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is such a brain-dead little hack.

    Hacks like her have no real ieological core. She just throws everything at a wall and hopes that it sticks. This is pathetic, even by her standards.

  2. No doubt. I wondered how she got to be the head of the DNC. Then I remembered Howard Dean.


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