May 31, 2011

User Input Required

I've entered another busy period in my day job with a very limited amount of time to spend on Nonsensible Shoes over the next few weeks.  I have no intention of mot posting at least on a daily basis, although some of the posts will be short observational level posts.  In fact most of them will probably be shorter.  But I do want to keep an occasional more detailed post - perhaps one or maybe even two a week.  But that's where I need your help.

At the risk of opening myself up for the sound of crickets chirping in response, I'm going to ask my readers to provide some feedback in the comments section below.  It seems I do get a good number of comments fairly often, but not at easy-to-identify intervals, and most certainly not when I've asked for feedback or input.  Nevertheless, I'm going to ask anyway.  Since I only have limited time to spend on longer posts, I'd like to get your take  on what those posts should cover.

Is there a subject you'd like to see me write about?

Based on some recent discussions I've had, there is some interest in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also political prospects for 2012.  I also am overdue to do a follow-up I promised a reader to do on a Massachusetts-specific issue.  Maybe you have something else you'd like to see me write about.  Let me know.  Please.

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