May 24, 2011

NY26 Special Election - GOP slidage.

Why is it always upstate NY where the conservatives in the GOP seem to lose touch with winnable races? Remember NY23? There's a self-proclaimed Tea Party candidate who isn't really. The Washington establishment, and Democrats are looking to a possible upset in this Republican-leaning district, and are going to frame it as an anti-Paul-Ryan Medicare statement by the American people. Silly. However, it's ammunition for Democrats nonetheless.

The GOP candidate Jane Corwin should have been on this sooner, but while being down in a recent poll, she could still pull it out tonight. If you are in upstate NY, NY26, please go vote for Corwin if you haven't yet. The polls are still open and the Democrats are once again trying to steal an election with a faux Tea Party candidate, and a misleading message on the candidate and Paul Ryan.

Yes, the GOP and the candidate herself should have done a better job and provided more articulation on Paul Ryan's plan. Yes, they are letting this one slip away. But they are being aided by nefarious political opposition and they do not occupy evil territory on Paul Ryan's budget proposal. So give them a break. Give Corwin a break. The special election, if lost, will be a huge arrow in the quiver of Democrats. Those scare tactics must not be rewarded.

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