May 11, 2011

Romney setting himself up for failure?

Mitt Romney is setting himself up for failure in his upcoming speech today. Regardless of whatever else he discusses in his speech, including announcing his candidacy, the focus is going to be on how he positions himself on his Romneycare which he enacted back when he was governor of Massachusetts.

He has little wiggle room on that issue. It looks and smells like Obamacare. That's something conservative primary voters, at least those most attuned to politics, are not very happy with. But many liberals feel he should not repudiate his former effort. While liberals won't much impact his GOP nomination, he may feel he needs enough of them in the general election against President Obama. In that case he has a fine impossible line to tread. He has to keep everyone happy.  Didn't we see that act in 2008? I'm willing to bet voters, especially Republican primary voters, are going to be far more skeptical this time around.

More importantly, Romney can't seem to bring himself to the conclusion that he was wrong. The question is whether voters are more likely to forgive wrong than blind. But that is a moot point if Romney won't address it. He seems locked into it and appears to believe being right all the time is more important than admitting it didn't deliver, and it isn't what conservatives want or believes the country needs.  He's simply to closely aligned by action, not word, to Obamcare.  He can't suggest repealing Obamacare without repudiating his own version of it.  It's a catch-22. In many ways Romney set himself up for failure when he passed Romneycare. The speech today may simply be the denouement. 

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