May 25, 2011

Two Word (or less) Opinions Again

When I'm busy with my day job I'm relegated to quick posts.  Nothing is much quicker than two word opinions.  While that can be shallow, it can also distill ideas into black and white, good versus bad, yes or no simplicity.  If that's all that ever came about, two word opinions would be bad.  As a starting point for further discussions later on, they make a good headline on a position.

Here are some quick thoughts (two word opinions in italics).

 I would be remiss if I didn't talk about Oprah's last show...

Apparently a New York City judge has allowed a lawsuit against the Huffington Post.  Sweet.

Obama doesn't still think there's 57 states, but he might still think it's 2008. That's helpful.

The GOP lost NY26, a district they should have won. There are important lessons. That hurt.

A former Palin aid wants to damage her, for profit. Ignoble liar.

Meanwhile Palin has a biographical film coming out about her. In Iowa. In June. Epic (Hopefully).

Politics is a game to be won if it's played. Liberals own the battle assets. As I blogged a lot about two years ago, there are ways to win if conservatives try. Fight back!

Apple got in hot water for geo-tagging.  The government, not so much apparently. Simply dumbfounding.

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