May 10, 2011

Environmentalism comes full circle

Gotcha suckers!

In the fantastic 2007 BBC documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle, Martin Durkin makes a strong case against global warming propagandists about the robustness of the global warming arguments being made. In fact he tears them apart. But one sub-plot point worth noting was that in Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher pushed very hard for the idea that CO2 was causing global warming and that something needed to be done about it.

She had an agenda for doing so - breaking the coal union's grip on the nation by furthering nuclear power as a viable alternative. The global warming notion furthered that objective. It's an interesting notion if it's true.  And if it's true, it looks like the environmentalist crowd is finally coming around to fulfill he nuclear dream. Better late than never - there's no longer the looming threat of a great coal union strike in England. But nuclear power it seems, is finally becoming an eco-friendly option there.

In an article today in the Telegraph,
Nuclear power should be favoured over plans to build thousands of offshore wind turbines, the Government's climate advisers have indicated.
The Committee on Climate Change said nuclear would be the most cost–effective way of providing low–carbon electricity into the 2020s, and called for about 14 new plants by the end of the next decade.
It would mean extending plans to build 12 reactors on seven sites by 2025.
 Boom. It seems even conservative ideas can take advantage of what the Soviets (not Lenin) called "useful idiots". It just seems to take longer for it to sink in. 


  1. Maggie Thatcher, what a woman! They are making a movie about her you know.

  2. One of the great 20th century conservatives. I hear Meryl Streep is playing her. Reason to worry that they won't portray her nicely.


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