April 12, 2011

Syria-sly, We Mean It.

I'm a tough guy.  Syria-sly. I mean it.
Finally President Obama has gotten semi-serious on Syria. The Guardian reports;
Today, after a reported 200 deaths over a couple of weeks during which the Syrian regime has been using live ammo against its own citizens and by its own admission, the White House condemned the regime:
"We are deeply concerned by reports that Syrians who have been wounded by their government are being denied access to medical care. The escalating repression by the Syrian government is outrageous, and the United States strongly condemns the continued efforts to suppress peaceful protesters. President Assad and the Syrian government must respect the universal rights of the Syrian people, who are rightly demanding the basic freedoms that they have been denied."

I'm sure Assad is shaking in his boots. President Obama called his shots in Egypt and Libya. He can't afford to send sorties into Syria to protect the people from being assaulted by their own government like he did in Libya and was afraid to do in Iran. The cost is too great and the forces are spread too thinly already. So if he does, then he's more inclined to bring down the U.S. economy than the Syrian regime. And if he doesn't, then the rhetoric is hollow and he has once again underscored the hollowness of American threats on dictatorial regimes. He either won't do anything, can't do anything or is all talk. That's Assad, Ahmedhinejad, Jong Il, Russia and China are going to see.

I'm not condemning him in a damned-if-he-did-damned-if-he-didn't way. If he'd kept quiet on Syria, given the present circumstances, it would have been hypocritical, but diplomatically understandable. Instead he's painted himself into a corner with his Libya actions and his Syria comments.


  1. Obama: Speak Confusedly, Carry A Non-Existent Stick.

  2. Not much I can add! No one in the world pays any attention to the lip service form this guy anyway!


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