April 17, 2011

Blogger Recommendations

I've got no time to post today, but here are some fine folks worth reading while I'm unavoidably detained. I'm not really detained, I just wanted to use the phrase, it sounds rather British.  I'm also not British, but I've enjoyed and appreciated some of their fine politicians...I digress.

Take a look at these blogs if you haven't before.  There is some quality reading there.

Mean Ol' Meany explains why he hasn't posted in a bit, and does some very funny, off-color catching up on all things liberal.  

In a similar vein, Annoy The Left hasn't posted in a bit, but always has astute political reading when he does post.

Like Meany, King Shamus mixes a lot of humor with his astute political insights.  I advise you skip over the Steve Buscemeyes post if you ever want to eat again, but his common sense insights on why Blacks and Latinos are bailing on Obama.

Yet more comic interpretative yet serious discussion of things political comes from Diogenes Middle Finger.  Diogenes take on the President's musings on his personal privacy /space and how he misses it.  The feelings expressed are shared by many, myself included.  The sentiment with with they are expressed, are uniquely Diogenes.

It Don't Make Sense has some observations on the goings-on in the Middle East and now Syria becoming the latest hotbed.  The volatility is dangerous for American interests.  You'd think that the President might have a more cohesive approach to things there.  Well, it's always okay to dream, isn't it?

Ann Althouse doesn't need any links from me to garner traffic, her posts are brilliant and well-known.  Not that anyone else here isn't brilliant or is in dire need of any recognition through me either.   In any case, I had to include the latest Althouse post about the goonishness in Wisconsin of anti-Tea-Party protesters booing a 14 year old girl.  Truly disgusting and deserving to have a bright light shone upon it. 

Alinsky Defeater keeps an ever vigilant eye on the Alinsky tactics wherever they are spotted. Most recently he spots something Alinksy at the National Education Association.

NoOneOfAnyImport expresses her true feelings for Rand Paul.  I'm sure she's not alone in those feelings.

AnOlBroad's take on businesses hiring illegal immigrants.  Yes, they are indeed part of the problem.

And there's always Secular Stupidest for great conservative media.

There are a few other's I'd like to mention but I don't have time this morning.  I'll try to get to them as soon as I can.


  1. Yeah, the Stve Buscemeyes thing was a little rough. My bad.

    In all seriousness, thank you very much for the kind linky goodness. You've included me in some strong company.

  2. Thanks for the link! I'm also right fond of a British turn of phrase. Cheerio, or tally ho, or summat like that . . .


  3. Shamus - the Buscemi post was funny but it was not to be viewed over lunch. My mistake.

    Lin - no problem on the link. Good blog you've got there. To be honest, there's some fantastic regional turns of phrase in the good ol' U.S. of A. But the Brits did give us Churchill, Thatcher and some great comedy, so a compliment or two in return is probably due.

  4. Thank You for the link and your kind words and Recommendation. I appreciate you helping get the word out.


  5. Likewise Diogenes, you've got a nice blog - keep up the great work.


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