April 2, 2011

Muslim justice hypocrisy

Alright, I am officially bitter. No, outraged, and that's saying a lot for me. I'm normally the type to talk through a disagreement, and take a rational approach to problems.  Not this time.  Sometimes discussion is pointless.

Muslim justice hypocrisy in 60 seconds:

An Afghan mob killed 12 U.N. workers because a pastor in the United States burned a Koran.  It's an insult to Islam. Boo freaking Hoo!  Not only is it a medieval and brutal overreaction from stupid peasants, it is hypocrisy of the highest order.  Why?  Does anyone remember them blowing up a statue of Buddha in Afghanistan in 2001? Anyone?  Yes a few of us do. The same country that thinks a Koran burning is an affront to their religion deems it okay to blow up a 1700 year old stone statue of another religion.  It's not the least bit funny that their reason was that it was an affront to their religion. 

[(To see and hear an un-muted version, go to http://www.yoism.org/?q=node/43 and scroll a little more than 1/2 of the way down the page.)]

Islam is not a religion of peace.  It is a religion of bigotry, hatred, ethnocentrism and most of all hypocrisy.  Either that or it is a religion of peace but is followed predominantly by illiterate, savage thugs. If I'm wrong, where is the international Islamic condemnation of the murder of the U.N. workers?  When Muslims start acting like a religion of peace, then maybe we can consider giving them credit for that.  Until them, you can call me prejudiced against them.  I no longer care.


  1. And yet we have people here and in other countries informing us we should not and will not be allowed to exercise our constitutional freedoms under the guise of hate speech, intolerance or whatever one wants to call it! Burn a Koran, you will be charged with a hate crime. Burn the flag, that's fine! Criticize Mohammed, you are a hater. Piss Jesus? That's art!

    You're outraged? LOL! As you've followed me a bit now, you can Imagine the word outraged doesn't quite fit what I feel about this nonsense

  2. Ok, I couldn't let it go at that.

    And yet we have people here and in other countries informing us we should not and will not be allowed to exercise our constitutional freedoms under the guise of hate speech, intolerance or whatever one wants to call it! Burn a Koran, you will be charged with a hate crime. Burn the bible, that’s fine! Criticize Mohamed, you are a hater. Piss Jesus? That’s art!

    Why isn’t everyone in this country outraged? LOL! One can imagine the word outraged doesn’t quite fit what I feel about this nonsense !

    One doesn’t have to agree with the Terry Jones (the man is just another self-centered religious bigot) of the world but we sure as hell have to defend his right to do as he did. If I’m supposed to turn the other cheek when some commie bastard burns my flag, I sure as hell need to do the same in this and any other case! As much as I hate to admit it, he is correct on one thing. The idiocy we are now seeing over there does prove one of his points. The intolerance of these religious fanatics is beyond reason.

    One other thing here as long as I’m on my soapbox. It is high time the people of this country stand up for their ideals. If I want to draw a satiric cartoon of Mohamed with his virgin harems, that is my right in this country. Yet, we have a rabid element starting with our President that wants to take that and other sacred rights away from us! We have a press who is afraid to offend and as such will not publish the truth about so many things. Personally, I don’t care who worships what! But I sure as hell care when one infringes upon another, especially with violence (Irish take note [I mention this as there was a bombing over there, religious in nature of course] Same idiocy there as I’m an equal opportunity disser).

  3. Shoes,, You make the common error of referring to islam as a "religion", it is not.

    It is a cult based on lies and self-promotion of Mohammad himself and has nothing whatsoever to do with piety or peace.

    Please see; http://www.answering-islam.org/Hahn/satanicverses.htm

    I suppose at this point it is a distinction without a difference but if people would use the correct terminology, in this case 'cult', then those outside of it would know better than to tolerate it in any way, shape or form.

  4. Reply to Chris,

    Interesting. never quite though of it that way as I usually feel that every religion at some time has justified using violence or whatever for their cause. Yet, looking at it like you do, I do in fact see some very cult like indicators.

  5. RE: Joe,,,

    It is true of what you speak about 'religion' justifying violence but I submit that was in DEFENSE of it and it's particular followers not OFFENSE or FORCING their particular beliefs on others.

    The pagan Roman Empire did much the same as the muslims to Jews, Christians and others they conquered yet they no longer exist.

    It is high past time the muslim cult went the way of the old Roman Empire and cultist tyranny, total destruction and freedom to those who have never known it.

    I ask not that those under such a cult accept my beliefs but rather strongly reject a lie.

    If we attack the root cause, Mohammad, with truth we and they win.

  6. p.s. To both Shoes and Joe,,,,

    I have posted on this subject before and this might help you understand what I am saying...


  7. Wow! Late to my own conversation...I'm glad I started something.

    Where to start? I posted a bit of a clarification today on yesterday's post. If liberty is to be held as an inalienable right then the right to join a cult is a right. Perhaps an unwise choice, but still a right.

    And while I will not pass judgement on people's choice of religion, or the religion itself, I will judge them on their actions. If their actions are violent that must be addressed accordingly. If the source of that violent action is at its roots a religion (or a cult)then that too must be addressed accordingly.

  8. P.S. guys, thanks for the conversation. Sorry for the late response - I just got back from Ottawa at 9 p.m.

  9. Dean,, Just where did you see I or Joe wishing to deny rights?

    What I spoke and continue to speak about is terminology.

    Remember Jim Jones?

  10. I'm not suggesting either of you were saying anything about denying rights. I was clarifying my own point. In fact I firmly believe neither of you would seek to deny anyone any religious rights.

    As for the Jim Jones analogy, I think there is a line between a religion and it's adherents that the Jim Jones example illustrates. Jim Jones was supposedly a Christian, but his actions did not relate to Christianity. The same could be argued for Islam. I find a lot of Islamic precepts offensive but I'm not sure it rises to the level of Jim Jones. But the parts that do rise to that level are clearly a warping of the core religion, just as Jim Jones was.

    What I'm not prepared to excuse is the silence of the Islamic world on the actions of the most twisted portion of their religion. That rises to the level of 'silence is consent and endorsement.' Christians roundly pronounced Jim Jones as evil. Most have denounced the free speech of the Koran burning pastor. We are prepared to speak out against abuses committed in the name of our religion.

    If Muslims want to be taken seriously they have to act accordingly.


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