April 8, 2011

Latest Left Protest - Dump Trash on Boehner's Lawn

This is just the beginning.  A Facebook effort to dump trash on Rep. Boehner's lawn - at his home - in the event of of a government shutdown.  Not Harry Reid's lawn mind you.  The left doesn't blame him, just Boehner.  This is purely politics and more specifically the politics of deception.  

If there's a shutdown, expect on barrage of other  attention grabbing protests designed to vilify the Republicans in the media.  The media will pick up on these and it will look like a groundswell of support against the shutdown.

A group of Washington, D.C. residents say they plan to leave their trash House Speaker John Boehner’s house in the event of a government shutdown, an action their Facebook page says is retribution for the loss of city services a shutdown would cause. 
Trash collection in the District of Columbia would be temporarily eliminated if Congress fails to reach a budget deal by Friday at midnight, and a growing group of 2,380 on Facebook is coordinating efforts to dump their garbage on the Ohio Republican’s doorstep. Some who joined the group don’t live in the District, but have pledged to ship their garbage to the GOP leader’s apartment if the shutdown occurs. (Fortunately for them, the Postal Service will not be affected by a shutdown.) 
“Well, if he won’t allow us to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to pick it up, maybe we should just BRING IT TO HIM,” the description of the group reads, which is titled “If Boehner shuts down the government I am taking my trash to his house.”

As I said, this is partisan and deceptive, as all of the media blitz will be. Harry Reid is stalling. Deliberately trying to cause a stalemate to affect blame on Republicans. As one letter to the Editor at TDN summed up;
Blame it on Harry Reid

Why won't the Senate of the United States come up with a bill so they and the House can negotiate? You have to look at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for the answer. Sen. Reid will not have the Senate put forth a bill. This is pure politics at the expense of the American people. The Democratic leaders, according to Democratic Senator Schumer, are trying to create the same kind of stalemate as there was in 1995 and, therefore, blame the Republicans for shutting the government down.

It is up to Sen. Reid now, and he will be blamed for ongoing stalemates. The House, which has its own bill ready, cannot come up with a compromise bill until the Senate members finalize their bill. All this has to be done before the country has a budget for the rest of the year. Remember this, no budget was even passed last year for this year, and who were the House and Senate leaders?

Roger Morey
Again I have to ask Tea Party teams, where are you on this stuff? Why aren't we dumping trash at Harry Reid's house or something equally attention grabbing but less offensive, immoral and perhaps even illegal? Just because we won the midterms doesn't mean the need for Tea Party work is over. Get busy!


  1. Lost in all of this is the fact that one hardly hears mention of the Dems failure to pass the budget last year as required. from the lying sack of shit in the white House to the propaganda industry they control, it's not their fault! how so many in the public refuse to recognize the failure on the Dems part is just an indication of how indoctrination in the schools combined with the welfare society these scum bags on both sides of the aisle is destroying the very fabric of this great country!

  2. re: No budget passed last year - A point I meant to include (minus the expletives). Thanks Joe for mentioning that. That's a key point.

  3. Dean,

    I'm in a bad mood today. LOL! I note on one of your other posts I'll probably be going into tirade mode today. Once I get going, it seems to come out rather harshly I guess. Wish I could pay more attention to this every day and not keep it pent up.

    Seriously, I can't believe the fact that the so called Free Press absolutely refuses to report the facts anymore, choosing to report their biases instead. The fact that the administration has a bought and paid for propaganda arm should scare the bejabbers out of us all, yet so many choose to ignore the obvious!

  4. No worries.

    The 'free press' is liberal. Of course they are going to spin. We don't have enough conservatives wanting to be journalists or teachers and it is why we are losing the information war. Either we get more numbers in those professions or we find alternative ways to compete. Or both.


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