April 8, 2011

Prosser wins! Prosser wins!

Prosser wins the election for the seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Or it appears, he has won, thanks to a dramatic vote counting error that has now been fixed.  I don't know why this has a feel of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team win over the Russians.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that it's a stunning upset in the face of an all out union assault on the campaign in order to support  of the union-friendly candidate Kloppenburg.  Given that massive effort and the not-so-surprising tightening of the race where bit by bit Kloppenburg came from behind to overtake a 700 vote lead by the more conservative Prosser to get a 200+ vote lead, this really feels like a last minute win for Prosser and a stunning upset of Olympic proportions.  Now watch the media spin this as a questionable result.  That is if it doesn't get lost in the government shutdown talk.

Kloppenburg clear was lined up to try to overturn governor Scott Walker's legislation that union activists regard as union busting. Unions hopped on board to support her and despite the massive effort suddenly it looks like an election error has finally broken in favor of Republicans.

In typical Republican fashion many seems almost sheepishly worried about what the Democrats will think of us.  They're going to think we fixed the election.  After so many Democrat questionable wins, we really shouldn't give a damn.  This was an honest mistake, and was validated by local Democrat officials.

Daniel Foster at NRO's The Corner sums it up;
“This is human error, which I apologize for, which is common in this process.” She said huge turnout — 47 percent of the county — was part of the reason she didn’t notice thousands of missing votes from the totals. She said that though she “saved” the database repeatedly throughout the night, for some reason Brookfield data was not included in the version that went out to the AP, among others. No word on whether it was related to the fact that Brookfield had to submit its own electronic data to the county twice, as it was initially improperly formatted.

Nickolaus, who is a Republican, said the canvassing process was transparent and bipartisan:

“We sat through an open transparent meeting for the last day and a half. We sat with people from both sides of the aisle and went through every tape, number by number, then proofed those numbers again.”

At one point Ramona Kitzinger, a Democratic representative on the canvassing board and vice-chair of county’s Democratic party, stepped up to podium to confirm Nickolaus’s account. “We’re satisfied that it’s correct,” Kitzinger said of the numbers.“We went over everything and made sure the numbers jibed.”
Also at NRO, Jim Geraghty  has a great summation of conservative pundit responses to this turn of events.  They clearly, and thankfully, are less than apologetic.  One in particular deserves a response;
Dave Weigel notices most folks’ reactions are predictable: “WANTED: A pundit who had the same reaction to missing ballots being found and changing result in Minnesota 2008, Wisconsin 2011.”
You won't find one because it's an apples to oranges comparison. Finding ballots in the trunk of a car of a Franken supporting official is not the same as an honest reporting mistake that when corrected was vetted by the county vice-chair of the other party.  So that battle is won, time to move on.  We'll need to leave some legal experts behind in case the union tries to take this victory to court.  But other than that, there are other battles brewing that are even bigger.  It's a sure-fire lock those union thugs will be moving on.  Watch for my next post to see what that might be.


  1. Every now and then an honest Democrat appears! Kudos Ramona Kitzinger! Your party could learn a thing or two from you!


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