April 11, 2011

The first 5 nominees for "2011 RINO of the year"

It's early I know but there's already so much competition for RINO of the Year (formerly Squish of the Year) that it's best to do a 1st Quarter checkpoint so that later in the year we won't forget who absolutely does not belong in the Republican party.  Here are 5 nominees for this year.

(1) Lindsey Graham and his monumental rendition of "I don't agree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it."

(2) Donald Trump, Manchurian Candidate(Democrat Sleeper Agent). Look, it's a little late to be arguing where he was born. What's far more important is the damage that's been done. So if Trump really is a candidate for President under the GOP banner, and he isn't a sleeper agent, then President Obama has got to be secretly rooting for him.

On a side note for the liberal media - he's not dividing the conservative base. He's not going to run and if he does, he's not going to win. The outrageous comments prove it.

(3) Dick Lugar, Obama's favorite Republican, not in his own words but rather a 'tribute' video reminding us that Dick Lugar should always be in the running for RINO of the year.

(4) John Boehner. I'm personally don't think that this yet qualifies John Boehner as a RINO, but a lot of people think that the bill that was passed was well below expectations and are ready to throw Boehner overboard because they wanted to see every penny of the $100 billion in cuts in the 2011 budget.  I'm willing to give Boehner more time.  I don't think that even the debt ceiling debate will show his true colors.  What will be telling is his forcefulness on the 2012 Path To Prosperity budget from Paul Ryan.  Nevertheless, I've included Boehner here because a lot of people aren't happy with the outcome of the shutdown showdown.

And (5) My personal favorite - a RhINO I can support.

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