April 30, 2011

Saturday Learning Series (sorta) - Money as Debt

Money, explained in Money as Debt. What is it, and how is it created? Watch and see. But be warned. What starts out as an explanation of how banking came about, veers radically, into deliberate propaganda. Still I urge you to stick with it because it provides a learning of a different sort - how easily those seeking to learn can be misled.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: [where it starts to go completely off the rails (watch as it starts to talk in socialist and environmentalist terms right before your eyes). I kid you not, this is deceptively inviting in it's boiling frog approach:

Part 4: Here's where it becomes "Give it all to the government". This is completely rife with problems and I haven't got the energy to refute them this evening but I invite you to do so in the comment section. 

Okay, I can't resist dissecting this a little.  Take a look at who produces this video - Moonfire Studios.  A quick search of "Moonfire Studios socialist" on Google reveals among others, a  link to Tefelhall.com and the document entitled "THE NATURE OF PROFIT – PROFIT FROM NATURE(FROM CAPITALISM TO ECO-SOCIALISM)".  The seemingly endless work cites Money as Debt twice in the spirit of capital is the root of all evil and capitalism must therefore be destroyed.  Go ahead - search it.  It also mentions President Obama half a dozen times and Karl Marx about the same number of times.  The video is inspirational to the same crowd that views University of Colorado (Boulder) professor Albert Bartlett and his Malthusian crisis views of  world population and peak oil.

This easy to follow videos, cartoonish for the intended younger viewers is deceptively inviting.  Why? Indoctrination.  Notice the effort in Part 4 (at 4:40) to portray President Woodrow Wilson as this sinister, conservative pro-banker leader bent on going back to what the founding fathers of America had railed against - the central bank system?  Wilson was a progressive and a fascist.  And he was the one responsible for it.

This is what you, and your children are up against.  Media, teachers, unions and environmentalists all constantly putting these notions upon you in some obvious and some subtle ways.  If you don't pay attention, they hope, you'll wake up one day unwittingly on their side of the ledger.

As a palate cleanser here's a counter point on the federal reserve. Murray N. Rothbard. Presented at the Mises Institute's 1984 "Seminar on Money and Government," in Houston, Texas. No cartoons, just rationalism.

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