April 23, 2011

Saturday Learning Series - What Every Conservative Must Recognize

It's been too long since I've put a Saturday Learning Series post on Nonsensible Shoes.  I've got a few lined up that are worth sharing from various sources I've found over the past little while, on subjects worth including.  Today, there's a video I found that is really worthwhile.  Nick Crawford has a five and a half minute video that details what every conservative must recognize when it comes  to debating liberals.  Specifically, recognizing fallacies in logic.  A lot has been made of President Obama and his straw man arguments, or false choice arguments.  Recognizing fallacies in logic is important and this short but effective, and mildly entertaining video does a great job showing things to look for when debating liberals.  Don't let them get away with it, and don't fall into the trap of making these types of arguments yourself.

Check out his video directly on youtube too - there's some interesting links to some thinking resources.

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