April 11, 2011

Video: Path To Prosperity

If you haven't seen the Paul Ryan Path to Prosperity video outlining the Republican 2012 budget in terms of what they are up against, here it is.  This doesn't talk about the specifics of the plan, just the net effect of the spending cuts. It's an important comparison, but it is just the starting point of the coming debate.

On a side note for Republicans, this is an effective way to share a graph, for an audience - disengaged voters - that isn't interested in seeing or dealing with numbers. This visually is attention grabbing and could make a difference. Excellent production and good work on the outreach to sell the cut spending ideas. Now make sure the follow through to sell the cuts is thorough, convincing and unabated. Remember, what you are selling is short term pain for long term gain. That's a much tougher sell than procrastination (and the unmentioned eventual catastrophe).

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