April 6, 2011

Raising a red flag on last minute Democrat comebacks

Cheat to win.  I'm not saying the Democrats have to cheat to win by 'finding' votes in close races in the dying hours, but I am implying it.  Remember Al Franken?  Votes were 'fond' in the trunk of a car. Sure they were real votes, and sure they were mostly for Franken.  Well, it's happening again today.  

The latest example is Wisconsin labor's efforts to unseat a state Supreme Court Judge in order to replace him with someone willing to overturn the governor's legislation curtailing union excesses.  In the closing hours of last night's vote tally, Prosser Protein Wisdom has the bad, but predictable news:
Supreme Court REPORTING 99%

Joanne Kloppenburg 738,368
David Prosser (inc) 738,228

Why, it’s a miracle!

Sorry, Congressman Ryan. And sorry, conservatives / classical liberals. America has reached that tipping point about which Ryan yesterday spoke. And the majority has chosen the “government needs to pay me until the money runs out and I’ll worry about it then”-route to self-determination over the classical liberal ideas — an opportunity society run by free men using free markets and protected by law with checks on power — upon which this country was founded. And I’m afraid it’s all downhill from here. That’s what a tipping point is, after all: that point after which the downward slide becomes inevitable and inexorable.

Conservatives need poll watchers. Ballot scrutineers. We are absolutely getting our butts kicked by the underhanded tactics of those who refuse to lose to the point of cheating if necessary. Democracy in action. In reverse of course.

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