April 16, 2011

Gutsy Palin Speech

The same story is in a bunch of different news reports, but here's the relevant portion from AP.
MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) — Sarah Palin told a rally on Saturday that Wisconsin's governor is doing the right thing by demanding more concessions from public employees' unions. 
Braving snow showers and a frigid wind outside the state Capitol building, the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate told tea partyers she's glad to stand with Republican Gov. Scott Walker. 
Hundreds of labor supporters surrounded the rally, trying to drown Palin out with chants of "Hey-hey, ho-ho, Scott Walker has got to go!" and "Recall Walker!"
"Hey, folks! He's trying to save your jobs and your pensions!" Palin yelled into the microphone. "Your governor did the right thing and you won! Your beautiful state won! And people still have their jobs!"
You might think Palin's being down in the polls would discourage her from running for president in 2012.  It may yet.  But it clearly hasn't damped her spirits or her ability to deliver a gutsy, heartfelt speech one bit.  Protesters don't intimidate her, so stacked polling isn't going to factor into her decision either.

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