April 29, 2011

Quick(er) Observations

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of days. That's for anyone who cares. I have been in all day meetings this week and have had little time to write and even less time to post. The observations below were written yesterday but I had no opportunity to post them at all. My days have been running from 6 am to just about midnight with very little break or travel time.

So should my life.


Obama's comment on his birth certificate that America does not have time for this silliness is ironic in that he let it go on far longer than it should have. It takes what 5 minutes to do a press conference on the topic and it could have been done two years ago. The silliness as he calls it, is there because he chose to let it persist. Even now his timing is suspect. Yes Donald trump brought the issue to the forefront again giving him a reason to respond. But by letting it go so long he has allowed the controversy to live. People will argue it took so long because it is a fake. I'm sure that suits Obama just fine.


In Canada the socialist NDP party has surged past the liberals into second place in recent polling. With little time left to the election the threat of a dark horse victory is upon us. What's happening? It appears to me the left's dominant party, the Liberals have been a non-factor and the void of opposition to the conservatives has been filled by a further left option. The NDP has been very aggressive in campaign spending and the conservatives have been slow to respond to the historical also-ran.  The threat of the surge continuing I think is limited. The NDP are performing well above their norm and they still need to make up 9 points in a week to become the favorite. But they are harming the once solid opportunity for a conservative majority government.


David Frum conservative not even in name any more claims that the birther controversy is a black eye for the Republicans. That's a meme the liberals are hoping will stick. But really it's a black eye for birthers alone. The GOP are not birthers and the birthers are not the GOP.

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