April 6, 2011

Why I Now Support a Third Party Option For 2012

Leading up to the 2010 mid-term elections I wrote about the reason I felt the Tea Party should thrown its support behind the GOP and not start a third party to compete in the mid-terms.  In effect, they would end up splitting the vote and leaving a gaping hole for Democrats to waltz back into a comfortable majority.  Thankfully that didn't happen.  But reading something today has led me to do a 180 reversal on the subject.

I'm not talking about the Tea Party though.  I stand by my outcome-based advice.  The GOP has begun to prove its salt with Ryan's Path to Prosperity budget proposal.  While they have not yet earned a full redemption, voting this bill through would go a long way to doing so.  Many Tea Party faithful have felt a little underwhelmed by the GOP performance since this Congressional session started.  They may be guilty of expecting too much too soon.  Remember when Obama noted his nomination as the point the oceans stopped rising?  He set expectations of himself impossibly high and simultaneously negated the patience among his admirers.  The Tea Party faithful who expect instant success are guilty of the same inflated expectations as the  Obama faithful. And the GOP still has a way to go to prove itself .

So why have I done an about face when I was adamantly against a third party in 2009?  I read this, which shamefully,  was the second highest Google News item the category "U.S. politics".  It was titled "US Politics: A Pseudo Two Party System Where The Left Has No Voice".  After ranting about the U.S. empire post 1945 and outlining how the Democrats aren't really very liberal at all, the author Gilbert Mercier goes on to offer his prescription.
The so called “progressives” who got sucked into supporting candidate Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton were conned into a carbon copy scheme. They were not the only one. The members of the jury for the Nobel were also easy marks when they awarded war President Obama a Nobel peace prize, so were my French journalist friends when they bought into the bogus concept of ‘hope and change” while they should have known better.

Two days ago President Obama unleashed his reelection campaign for 2012. His goal is to raised about one billion for this purpose. So far the challenger lineup coming from the far-right GOP seems weak. However, an unexpected hurdle for President Obama’s campaign bid could come from the left providing someone seize the moment. Dennis Kucinich gave it an unsuccessful try in 2008, and it doesn’t seem that Senator Sanders believe in himself enough to give it a shot. It leaves the American left with a few outsiders such as Michael Moore. The motto of business as usual for the global corporate empire, enforced by the military power of the United States, will never be challenged by either Democrats or Republicans , and it is time now or never -before a full global corporate takeover- to challenge the status quo within the system with a credible alternative option.
That's an option I can truly get behind. What the far left that thinks of itself as not too far left, doesn't understand, is that they do have a voice. They have an over-sized voice for their actual numbers. What they don't have is a receptive audience. That's the reason I support this effort - all it will serve to do is siphon votes away from Obama. Splitting the liberal vote can only help conservative cause. Supporting that effort is a real operation chaos.

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