April 13, 2011

3 Questions Donald Trump Needs To Answer Right Now.

Simply put, while Donald Trump has surged in GOP primary polls it is likely he's already reached his zenith. His recent comments have irked a lot of conservatives. Trump brought a lot of energy and profile into the race prior to comments on Obama's birth certificate and spoiled child threats to run as an independent if he doesn't get the GOP nomination. In that light here are three questions Donald Trump needs to answer immediately and effectively if he doesn't want a boycott Trump campaign started in the coming weeks.

1. Why should any Republican primary voter consider you when you are basically blackmailing them into voting for you by threatening an independent run if you don't win the GOP nomination?  How do you address the trust issue?

2. Related question: An independent run greatly increases the chances of an Obama victory in 2012, something which GOP voters and supposedly you find unacceptable. If you were to play into that eventual outcome how can anyone consider you a conservative Republican candidate based who is serious about fixing the government if your actions could potentially derail that very effort?

3. What's with the birther garbage? With that on record you virtually assure that you can't win the GOP primary. Are you setting yourself up for an independent run already?

I doubt Republican voters will hear the answers we want and we'll have to take some sort of action - the sooner the better. I'm also sure a boycott Trump effort would not get the kind of media spin conservatives would want. Perhaps a vilify Trump effort is politically smarter. Yeah, it's dirty pool, but these are trying times and Trump hasn't exactly been playing nice either. 


  1. You seem to think he shouldn't run at all just because he doesn't get the Republican nomination? Might split the conservative vote? That's how we keep getting Republicans that refuse to listen - like those who sat back & approved that idiotic "budget" that actually did NOTHING to curtail spending.

  2. I'm not suggesting he doesn't run, I'm considering what the impact is to the 2012 election if he does run.

    I'd rather however, have a conservative on the Republican ticket who can win, than a Republican who is moderate that can win. I'd rather have both of those options than any situation that results in an Obama re-election which is the worst case scenario. A candidate who cannot beat Obama or Obama plus a third party candidate does not help the conservative cause at all. Remember, the legislative process is the domain of Congress and not the President. A moderate Republican President with a conservative Congress is a better option than a conservative Congress and a liberal Democrat in the White House.

    I don't want to see Romney win the GOP nomination because he's not a real conservative. But even he would be better than Obama as President. This is especially true with more Tea Party representation in Congress and the Senate.

    2012 will be a monumental battle. Wars are not won in a single battle though. My point is bad Republicans are bad, but Democrats are invariably worse. Bad Republicans have a better chance of listening to the Tea Party rallies than do Democrats. IMO.


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