April 5, 2011

I can't quit my day job

On a day when Paul Ryan has proposed a budget plan with $6.2 trillion in cuts over 10 years, a plan that apparently addresses Social Security, Medicare and/or Medicaid, I'm stuck being busy at work - too busy to even read about it, let alone comment.  That's frustrating but I can't quit my day job.

On a day when a government shutdown is a distinct possibility because Democrats are orchestrating just that, I'm too busy to comment, but I can't quit my day job.

Libyan rebels in Brega, the same rebels the Obama administration is both covertly and overtly defending, are taking a pounding from Qadhafi forces, I'm too busy to find out more, but I can't quit my day job.

On a day where Nancy Pelosi is acting hypocritical and exhibiting verbal hyperbole - well that's just normal, never mind that one.

On a day where Obamacare took a Congressional hit via a portion being repealed, I can't do a deep dive into what's going on, but I can't quit my day job.

Unlike a Wisconsin teacher's union protester, I don't know a doctor who can write me a phony doctor's note saying I'm suffering from some illness. 

I can't quit my day job.  In fact I don't really want to quit my day job.  In fact I'm happy to be a productive member of society in the private sector and not a government worker.  In fact those people don't want me to quit my day job either - I have to fund their retirements.


  1. Bravo well Done! If I only Had a Job I am one of the Forgotten 10% who they say we stopped looking for a Job 2 years ago.. We didn't stop Looking we never got U/e Benefits. They forgut us we haven't forgotten their empty Promises!

  2. Don't give up hope, even though they stopped counting you. There's nothing more resilient more useful than the power of a positive attitude.

    I keep looking at the real unemployment and underemployment rate in the U.S. It's stunning how poorly the economy is really doing. But that doesn't mean you should ever give up trying. I'm sure you'll succeed if you keep going.


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