April 7, 2011

Giver-ment shutdown

So the government (or use many union members seem to think of it, giver-ment) is shutting down. It would be far too simplistic for the Tea Party to simply say, "Good. Bring it Democrats." Although it would be very satisfying. Unfortunately it is a little more complicated than that.

Consider the following questions. Will military personnel not get paid as the Democrats have threatened? Will pensioners get their Social Security checks? Will Republicans and the Tea Party shouldering the blame of the public if Democrats repeat the falsehood enough? How long will the shutdown last and what will it take to end it? What will GOP 2012 candidates say about it and what impact will it have on their prospects? With such a large number of government employees how might their future voting be affected if they don't get paid? How had will the press spin this for Democrats and more importantly, will it work?

This really is sort of a wild card situation politically although the Democrats have orchestrated it in the belief that this will be a winning issue for them across the board in 2012. In a sense it is good because it shows how desperate they are to be taking this kind of gamble. But with a compliant press and call backs to 1995, they think they can win the PR battle. The task for the GOP is twofold: 

  1. Every sound bite MUST include the fact that they did not want this to happen but the Democrats would not budge and 
  2. While the shutdown is unfortunate the reduction of deficits is a national imperative and since the Democrats won't budge on $60 billion how are they going to tackle an annual deficit they have been running that is 25 times larger?

Every sound bite. Every interview. One of the biggest reasons Democrats feared Palin was that she couldn't be shaken off of her talking points when she wanted to get them out. They view that as their own move.

In hockey players often don't shave during a playoff run following a superstition that it will help them win. Maybe the GOP should do that during the shutdown, not as a superstition but as a visible protest of some sort. Maybe it will connect with someone. Although to be honest, I'd really like to see Nancy Pelosi grow out her beard.  

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