April 19, 2011

Allen West for President?

I'm busy again today, but perhaps a quick post or two.  This one is a must see video from Allan West when he was running for Congress.  This man would make a fine candidate for President of the United States.  You can't listen to this speech and not be inspired.

If he doesn't run for president, perhaps he could go from town to town and provide inspirational speeches every day.  Short of that, can we get some of that enthusiasm on tap?  I'm stopping short of an outright endorsement simply because I think it's way too early in the process to endorse anyone for 2012, and there are other people I like too.  Still, he would be a good candidate, for President or VP.

1 comment:

  1. You Betcha! Go West! Allen West For President 2012. www.AllenWestForPresident.us


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